World nation's Guidelines



World Nation is a private international society that provides its members with a program of events to get to know society members in real life and a platform to interact with each other online.

Members of World Nation have agreed to adhere to its General Terms and Conditions.


1. World Nation Spirit


World Nation believes in the consciousness of belonging to the whole of humanity and not only to its original homeland and in behaving like a member of the world community and not solely as a citizen of a state.

World Nation relies in human connections that are built up by face to face personal exchanges and in talented and passionate people that love sharing their universe.

We believe that a worthwhile community must be built up by that kind of people that adds value to those they meet. Therefore, World Nation aims at creating a secured environment where you can meet inspiring people with global experiences at a wide range of events.

World Nation also believes in a global community where each member can find like-minded friends all over the world.

Whether the member is looking for a friend, a network or a business partner, he/she will find the event and/or the membership that will allow him/her to meet the right environment.


2. Members Profile


World Nation is open to everyone willing to commit to the principals of the society and sponsored by an existing member (or by submission of an application to be studied by World Nation Management)

Members may become official Ambassadors for their countries of origin if they feel like taking a real active part at the development of World Nation in their area, or Event Leaders in order to organize events punctually.

All members are able to organize events at their image, select the members allowed participating at it and therefore creating his/her quality network, relevant to his/her interests, passions or business.

Members can also be companies wishing to use the World Nation platform to propose their staff with an on-going in-company team building event opportunity.

Members wishing to become Ambassadors, Event Leaders or Partners must contact World Nation to in order to get their Profiles created.


3. Entering the World Nation Community


As a new member of the society you will be welcomed by the site Ambassadors/Event Leaders. They will be available to answer all your questions and guide you through the site. You will also be invited to events where Event Leaders will take the time to introduce you to like-minded members.

World Nation is a community based on caring and communication, so you will be invited to create your network by allowing you to keep in contact with the members met at events you have been part of. You are encouraged to dialogue with members and event’s organizers in a truthful, respectful and open way.

In order to reduce spamming and protect the community, new members are asked, as far as possible, not to contact club members that they have not met at an event

Please note that spamming is not allowed and members creating any kind of spamming will find their membership suspended.




All real life get-togethers taking place in a World Nation Community are listed in the Events section of the platform. Members can find two different formats:

  1. World Nation Official Events are get-togethers organized by the World Nation country Ambassador for the entire World Nation Community.
  2. World Nation Leader’s Events are get-togethers organized by Event Leaders. World Nation Leader’s Events are available to Members under the Pegasus, Apollo, or Hermes membership and their guests.
1. Rules of Official Event Presentations


World Nation Official Events are organized by our Country Ambassadors on a purely voluntary basis. World Nation provides the infrastructure for its members to organize events. The organizers do not represent World Nation as vicarious agents.

World Nation Official Events are suggested by our Country Ambassadors. They are published and promoted by World Nation. World Nation reserves the right to decline and remove event posts not in line with the spirit of the society.

World Nation reserves the right to take any action necessary to maintain the quality of the society’s community and its platform or against any member not respecting World Nation guidelines and spirit.


2. Rules of Leader’s Event


Leader’s Events should be exclusively organized for World Nation and not be promoted on any club, community or platform whatsoever. The presence of the Event Leader for the welcoming of the Club Members and during the time of the event itself is compulsory

Events not allowed are the following:

  1. Promotional or commercial events with no World Nation Host and service exclusivity
  2. Commercial events not approved by World Nation as a partner
  3. Activities organized and/or promoted through another social network by the host
  4. Activities aimed at gathering World Nations members details by any means and specially by explicit demand of the host on the site of the event (i.e. demand of entering details by hand on a list)
  5. To the exception of Event Leaders with Corporate Membership, attendance costs (if applicable) shall under no circumstances serve the financial interest of the member organizing the World Nation Leader’s Event.
  6. Attendance costs shown on the events must be clear and with no hidden last minute additions.
  7. Duplicated Leader’s Events are not allowed.
  8. All Leaders’ Events descriptions must be written in English.
  9. Fundraising Events must get the World Nation’s prior authorization. All donations must be transferred in full to a registered non-profit organization, and reported to World Nation after the event.
  10. World Nation reserves the right to remove or alter any Leader’s Event entry or event description should it not adhere to these guidelines or if it is considered to be unsuitable for the club/platform.
  11. World Nation reserves the right to take any action necessary to maintain the quality of its platform or against any member not following the guidelines mentioned here.


3. Taking part at World Nation Official Events and Leader’s Events


World Nation Official Events are open to all members and their guests within the limits described on the event description.

World Nation Leader’s Events are available to Members under the Pegasus, Apollo, or Hermes membership and their guests

Participants should be limited to those who signed up for the event on the World Nation platform.

In the case of Official Events, World Nation reserves the right to collect a cover charge at events in order to refinance setup and infrastructure costs, to compensate for all expenses made by the Ambassadors or required by the location.

World Nation assumes no liability for anything that happens at an event posted on World Nation or hosted by its Ambassadors. World Nation does not accept any legal responsibility for damages resulting from the gross negligence of the Event Leaders. Furthermore, neither World Nation nor the Event Leaders of this event shall assume liability for any loss of personal property. Nor shall they be held responsible in the event of financial, physical, or emotional damage.

Any members behaving in an inappropriate manner at any type of World Nation Events are subject to expulsion from the World Nation society.

By accepting an event invitation, the user acknowledges the right of World Nation to publish any photographs or film footage taken at World Nation Official Events on the World Nation website and/or on any platform approved by World Nation. Should the user wish to refuse the same, the user must clearly express this wish to the photographer or cameraman at the event. Should the user wish to have World Nation remove a photograph already published on the World Nation website, the user must contact World Nation at

Should a member not be able to participate at an event for which he/she has subscribed, the member should cancel his/her attendance on the World Nation platform before the beginning of the event, so that the Event Leader has a reliable number of participants to use when planning the event. Failing to do so will imply lowering the reliability note of the member with some possible implications in the selection of participants for future events.




Administration of the Forum

World Nation reserves the right to edit or delete threads/posts if they are considered inappropriate, not relevant to the spirit of the society or violate any of the World Nation’s guidelines.

World Nation reserves the right to take any action necessary to maintain the quality of its platform against any member not following the guidelines.

Detailed Rules

Follow these main lines when adding subjects or content to discussions:

  1. Be respectful towards other members in all circumstances.
  2. All posts must be in English
  3. Subjects must be clear, concise and written in a respectful manner.
  4. Ensure you publish in the right forum category.
  5. Hate speech and intolerant remarks as well as Pornographic and sexual comments will not be tolerated.
  6. If using information from a third party, you must provide a link to the original source with a personal comment.
  7. Promoting external events and/or other social networks is not allowed.
  8. Job postings must include sufficient details. Posts from recruiters or recruitment agencies are only allowed if the entity has a Corporate Membership
  9. Commercial posts and advertisements are not allowed.
  10. Duplicate posts are not allowed.




World Nation proposes the possibility to its members to contribute with content with either journalistic or blog profiles.

Should you be interested in getting published on World Nation, please contact the management team to in order to discuss the matter.

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